If your company is struggling, we are licensed
Insolvency Practitioners and can help you

find the right solution
for your business.


Protect your insolvent company from creditors and formulate a plan to move forward.

Pre-Pack Administration

A Pre-Pack Administration allows the continuity of the business and preserves jobs for both the director(s) and any employees.

Company Voluntary Arrangement

Make agreements with your creditors to repay some or all the debt over a period of time

Time To Pay Arrangement

Make an agreement with HMRC to repay your debt over a period of time.

Creditors Voluntary Liquidation

Voluntarily bring your insolvent company to an end.

Members Voluntary Liquidation

Voluntarily close and realise the assets of your solvent company in a tax efficient way.

Compulsory Winding Up

Stop a creditor from forcibly winding up your company.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement

Make agreements with your creditors to repay some or all of the debt over a period of time

Business Bankruptcy

Providing a fast and dynamic approach to business problem solving.

Cavalry is an independent firm of Insolvency Practitioners. We are specialists in reconstruction and financial distress.

Cavalry’s head office is located in London and has a further six offices in the UK; Birmingham, Bristol, Colchester, Hove, Medway and Southampton.

Cavalry is made up of over 70 experienced staff, including 16 Partners, 5 Directors and 6 Associate Directors.

All of our Insolvency Practitioners are fully licenced, and all have between 10-30 years’ experience within the Business Rescue and Turnaround industry.

We always offer impartial advice which is in the best interests of the directors of struggling companies.

Directors are often, quite rightly, too emotionally invested in a company and too close to the issues to be able to see them clearly and be able to formulate a plan to deal with them.

Often directors will prop up a struggling business using their own personal funds, but without addressing what the issues are this will only ever be a short-term solution and will quite likely have a detrimental effect on the directors personal finances.

We can offer impartial advice in relation to the company and where we see the issues. Not only this, but by using our expansive knowledge of the industry, we can then help to formulate a strategy going forward to deal with the issues being faced.

Just because we are Insolvency Practitioners does NOT mean we only provide insolvency and liquidation solutions.

In many cases a company facing financial distress has a viable business at it’s foundation. In these cases, we can provide help and assistance to rescue the business. This can be done using payment arrangements, both informal and formal, but it can also be done by using certain insolvency procedures. Sometimes the best solutions, that will give company directors the best outcome, are not always the most obvious, and that is where our vast experience and knowledge comes in.

It is also worth noting that we don’t just deal with insolvent companies. We also deal with solvent companies looking to close down using the most tax efficient process possible.

Whatever your situation is we can offer free, no obligation, help and advice on what your options are.

Going forward we can assist you in putting together a strategy to deal with whatever issues you are facing and when you are happy we can put this plan into motion.