Invoice Discounting
Invoice Discounting provides a fast and easy way to gain instant access to cash and still allows you to directly handle your own payments. Also, unlike Factoring, most Invoice Discounting is undertaken on a confidential basis and therefore your customers do not usually know about the facility. Here at Cavalry we can source and negotiate the best deal and put you in touch with the right Invoice Discounter.

Draw money against your invoices

    What we do

    • NO Fees
    • Negotiate The Best Deals
    • The Personal Touch
    • Quick Quotes

    Invoice Discounting provides a large and quick boost to cashflow whilst allow you to remain in control of your sales ledger.


    You can choose to be protected from any bad debts giving you peace of mind and you can keep the facility confidential so customers are unaware of the facility.

    Looking Ahead

    Unlike other forms of funding/finance the right Invoice Discounting facility will grow with your business.

    Cavalry can find the right facility for you that will improve your businesses cashflow while allowing you to remain in control.

    No fees
    Unlike many of our competitors we do not charge any fees or commission to you or the lender and therefore we can obtain very competitive quotes

    Negotiate the best deals
    We will negotiate with the funders to find the best deals in the market so you can focus on running your business

    The personal touch
    We take pride in finding a solution that fits your specific situation and work closely with you to make sure we fully understand both you and your businesses needs

    Quick quotes
    We can obtain your quotes and have you in touch with suitable Invoice Discounter within 24 hours.

    Draw money against your invoices