It is not just Limited companies that can find themselves in financial distress.

For small business owners struggling an Individual Voluntary Arrangement could be the solution.

Is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (‘IVA’) right for you?

An IVA is a legally binding agreement between an individual and their creditors.

There are many providers of IVA’s in the market who specialise in small consumer IVA’s, however, we as a firm specialise in bespoke and professional solutions for small business owners. This means that, although, as a firm we don’t offer IVA’s to the mass market we do work on high quality, fit for purpose IVA’s, for small business owners, to ensure the best result possible for the individual concerned and the creditors.

But clearly this comes at a cost

Whilst every IVA is different and work entailed to produce it is, therefore, hugely variable, the debtor should expect to pay in the region of £2k-£2.5k for a proposal but obviously for the most complex solutions this may increase. That said, we believe that this is a true reflection of the cost of a quality IVA and has to be considered in light of the debt being written off which typically, may run into the tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Within Cavalry, we have many years of experience in drafting IVA’s, and whilst we cannot guarantee the proposal will be accepted by creditors, we can guarantee that we will give you the best chance of creditors accepting by producing a quality proposal which fully explains the situation that has led to this juncture and offers the creditors the best return possible.

We believe an IVA proposal drafted by one of our Partners and staff is money well spent, however, as noted above, cheaper alternative providers do exist in the dark corners of the internet  but in our view, if my personal financial position depended on it, I would rather pay for a well-established, highly proficient, provider (we can trace our roots back to 1788), who are experts in the field, to an internet offering who may be here today and gone tomorrow.